Our Programs

The goal of NADC’s entrepreneurship training is to equip entrepreneurs with authentic-culturally specific business trainings. Graduates would be able to comprehend the key sections of small business management, build their capacity for assessing small businesses needs and challenges, develop skills needed to operate small businesses successfully, and demonstrating the basics of credit reporting and credit building by understanding how to read, improve and interpret credit scores

Bellow are the Support that entrepreneurs receive through the trainings and after they have opened their business.

  • To write a tailored culturally relevant business plans.
  • Acquire the key components of business management

a. Operations

b. Marketing

c. Financials

d. Financing

e. Credit review process

  • Assess their abilities as a small business owner and decide if opening a business is the right decision for them and their family at this         time.
  • Identify and develop skills needed to operate a successful small business
  • Budgeting and cash Management
  • Behavioural
  • Professional

New American Development Center formerly known as New American Academy provides assistance and guides to the East African community particularly the Somali community with housing and house ownership, we help the community with direction and access to variety of resources regarding housing,

  • Help clients understand proper ways of buying homes
  • Address cultural and religious components when buying home
  • Improve clients credits through credit building agnecies that we partnered with
  • Finding appropraite ways of house financing
  • Understanding the basics of  homeownership

Financial literacy training program is provided to new entrepreneurs to help them make sound financial decision when setting up and starting their business, the training equips them with accounting basics, maths, basic knowledge about financial institutions, investment and funding options, credit reports and credit rehabilitation, etc. NADC has put a set of tool in place to make sure that support is available to entrepreneurs, during and after the training program. with this training our clients will be able to:

  • Make apropriate finacial decisions
  • Understand expenses versus revenue
  • Make well-thought Financial goals
  • Credit repair and rehabilitation
  • Understand credit report and the best ways to improve it
  • Delenit proprius foras patria vereor, duis facilisi.

Advocay and Policy

  • Community enagement and outreach for t the law income community along the Southwest LRT
  • Housing Policy change for the southwest suburbs
  • large size  housing accommodations
  • Minority own Business developed along the SWLRT