Entrepreneurship Training


NADC provides quarterly cohort for small business training that includes:


  1. Business Plan
  2. Marketing
  3. Budgeting
  4. Cash Follow-analysis
  5. Business management

Youth Business & Leadership Development

NADC has crafted a culturally sensitive curriculum geared towards fostering youth leadership and entrepreneurship in East Africa. The program aims to broaden economic prospects and facilitate entry into business ventures by offering startup capital. The initiative involves:


Cohort Convening and Training:


We Assemble and train three cohorts, each consisting of 15 individuals. Cover essential aspects of:


small business management, marketing, financials (budgeting, cash
flow, credit, etc.), and other pertinent topics crucial for business initiation.


Individualized Support

Provide personalized, one-on-one assistance to evaluate each participant’s skills and readiness for entrepreneurship.


This comprehensive approach ensures that East African youth not only receive valuable group
training but also benefit from tailored guidance, enhancing their chances of success in the
entrepreneurial landscape.


The youth cohort curriculum includes the topics below:


  1. Learning what entrepreneurship is.
  2. Planning for a successful business.
  3. The market, customers, and competition.
  4. Marketing strategies.
  5. Credit and financing.
  6. Management and operations.
  7. Technology in business.
  8. Financial planning.