About Us​

Mission Statement

The New American Development Center (NADC) is devoted to substantially reducing the poverty rate within Minnesota’s African Immigrant community, as well as among refugees and immigrants. Our dedication lies in the strategic deployment of culturally sensitive, sustainable programs meticulously crafted to genuinely tackle these challenges.

Our Vision

By providing targeted support and resources, we aim to empower individuals within these
communities to overcome economic challenges and build a more secure future.


The NADC is dedicated to fostering self-reliance and resilience by tailoring our programs to the unique cultural backgrounds and needs of our participants.

Our History

NADC was founded in 2008 to address the challenges facing the growing African immigrant population in the Twin Cities.


Throughout the years, we have developed life-changing programs for Somali/East African youth, families, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.


NADC is resident- or constituent-driven, so our programs and services are a direct response to the needs, concerns, and changing circumstances in the lives of the immigrant community in Minnesota.

New American development Center Business strong and Vibrant African Immigrant community in Minnesota

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