Financial Education

NADC’s financial education services are designed to equip clients with the knowledge needed to pave the way for better futures, fostering the growth of assets and wealth.


Through our bimonthly financial counseling classes, tailored for adults and youth, we aim to empower individuals with practical insights and strategies for financial success. Its a dynamic initiative that ensures a broad reach and addresses the diverse needs of our community.

Financial Literacy Classes

Our bimonthly classes focus on: 



  1. Budgeting to control financials
  2. Asset and wealth building 
  3. Fixing Improving credit scores
  4. Consumer protection and financial institutions
  5. How to determine which banking options are best for you.
  6. How your credit score is determined and what you can do to improve it.
  7. How to manage your existing debt
  8. How to plan for a successful financial future